Location: California, USA

Industry: Start up – Entertainment (coaching)

Project Scope: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The main purpose of the MVP was to get more investors on board which has been successfully, and new phases of the project are underway.

Platform & Architecture

The system comprised a modern front-end build using VUE with a PHP Laravel middle tier supplying services via API’s with data stored in a MySQL database.

The system also comprises a native mobile application built for both Android and iOS :

      • VUE.JS
      • MYSQL
      • Servers : AWS ( Hosted by TigerFish )


Outcast actors approached Tigerfish Software to build their new innovative online coaching system. Tigerfish were both exited and privileged to work with Outcast while building their state-of-the-art MVP for launch into the Los Angeles market.

The Outcast actor’s platform is a web application that brings actors and coaches together in a remote atmosphere with cloud video encoding and video playback capabilities.Actors can upload self-tape videos, which are delivered to coaches of their choice.

These coaches have a platform where they can watch the recordings and provide feedback on key areas using the various built collaboration tools made available to them.

Tigerfish have delivered on both the web application, back-end database and marketing brochure based website. The system has been built and delivered in such a way to cater for future scalability into mobile applications and various artificial intelligence features.


I take this opportunity to thank you and all of the others at Tigerfish Software for your work and for the manner in which our new applications were designed and produced. Tigerfish Software faced a very difficult project with us in creating not only a design but a product that can function on multiple ends. Although the time frame took much longer than expected, Tigerfish is dedicated to getting all items checked. When we first approached Tigerfish Software about a concept for our application, one of our key objectives were that the design of the system should be welcoming and open to all who would see it. We also wanted a product that would make a statement about our brand and about the commitment that we have to the market.

We view our investment in this system as a long-term investment in the promotion of our brand and the high quality of the products we distribute. In this sense, the application echoes all that we are and reinforces the manner in which we should be recognised as a decidedly professional company with superior quality products and a determined commitment to our Clients. Like Tigerfish Software, we believe that service after the sale is the key to our future success. Thank you for your hard work and great Client service, Tigerfish. We wouldn’t exist without you. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

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