Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Industry: Start up – Courier / Goods Transportation and Delivery

Project Scope: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The intention with the MVP was to deploy a working version of the product into the market to gain interest, earn income and embark of future versions of the product with new and improved features.

Platform & Architecture

The system comprised a modern front-end using VUE with a PHP Laravel middle tier supplying services via API’s with data stored in a MySQL database.

The system also comprises a native mobile application built for both Android and iOS :

      • JS
      • MYSQL
      • NATIVE ANDROID & iOS (Java, Swift)
      • Servers : AWS ( Hosted by TigerFish )


etYay contacted Tigerfish Software to build their new innovative order and delivery platform.

Tigerfish Software were excited to embark on this journey within this new innovative mobile space in logistics and welcomed the opportunity to embark on the journey. The etYay system is both a web and mobile platform where consumers can place orders for collection and delivery whilst using the network of taxi drivers available in the main centres of South Africa to fulfil the requests.

The system comprises a native mobile application which runs on both Android and iOS devices. The mobile application is used primarily by drivers who automatically receive delivery pickup and drop off requests and earn money via the platform whilst doing so. The system also comprises a fully-fledged admin dashboard where fleet owners and etYay administrators can administer fleets, drivers and deliveries from a single admin interface anywhere in the world.


I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Tigerfish Software as your development partner on your projects. Tigerfish Software offers high quality services and we have always been more than satisfied with the level of service received and the teams we have worked with.

 They have developed our critical systems and they have delivered on time and within budget on every occasion. Their professionalism and expertise is beyond question and the team is always willing and ready to take the lead wherever it is required.

 I am very impressed by the quality of the team working on our project. Not only is the code top quality, which many development houses can write, but the team displays a real understanding of our issues and comes to the table with suggestions and ideas that are very impressive. They never “just accept” what we tell them, they always question if what we are suggesting is the best way to approach the problem. This has led to a better overall product, and one that we are very confident in moving forward. If I had to do it all over again, I would select Tigerfish Software as our development partner again.

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