Award Winning Software Development Company

Just like the fish from whence it derives its name, Tigerfish Software is an agile, lean and focused solution development company delivering world-class business solutions.

Like the Tigerfish if you are fortunate enough to catch Tigerfish Software you will find a development company that will fight for its Clients. It will work with all its might to ensure that it delivers the best solutions to you. Solutions that deliver value to your company and assist you to become more profitable.

  • We Understand Client's Need
  • We Design and Implement the Workflow
  • We are always Upgraded with Latest Technologies

App Development

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Progressive Web App Development

Custom Build Solutions

  • Industry Standard Software
  • Custom Applications
  • Software Automation
  • CRM Development

Dedicated Resourcing

  • Available 45 Hours / Week
  • Certified in Agile Methodologies
  • Ready to start immediately
  • Facilitator for your Scrum Team

How We Work

The 4 Step Process


Tell Us Exactly What You Need

We work closely with you to establish your requirements


We Will Design A Solution Just For You

We will build a solution proposal based on your requirements


Let’s talk about pricing options

Based on your requirements we will discuss our pricing options


Satisfied then ? Let’s get going

We will assign the resources in two-weekly cycles and get them done.

Our Skills

Work with the Best

TigerFish Software = Excellence in Client's Service + Total Focus on Clients' Solutions

Data Anaylsis100%
Competitor Analysis100%
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